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Why would I not be accepted into the program?

A student would not be accepted into the program if they do not meet the eligibility criteria. We will be looking for:

  • If you are a student at the University of Ottawa
  • If your idea is rooted in a social, environmental or cultural cause
  • If your application is filled out including all of the important information

What are you looking for in an application?

We want to make sure you have started to think of an idea and have put some thought into what your project could look like. You will get the most out of the program if you have thought about what you are going to do and how it will make a difference.

What will I be learning in the program?

Each day has a different theme! We want to give you the foundational information you need to get started and provide you with some guidance on how to take your first steps! You can check out all of the programming by clicking here.

I am working over reading week so can only make it to two of the workshops. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can still participate. However, you would not be eligible for the grant if you cannot make it to all four workshops.

How will you be tracking attendance?

We will be taking a screenshot of who is on the call multiple times throughout each day. If someone is not there for the majority of them, they will be identified as “absent” and will not be eligible for the grant.

How will the program be delivered?

We will be using MS Teams for all program delivery! You will also have access to a shared drive with lots of resources and information to use! You will have lifetime access to both our MS Teams portal and our Google Drive!

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