Reservation Info

Reservation & Rental Info

How To Place an Order & Confirmation

Customers have the option to place their order via: - Call or Text (562) 392-6500 - Email - On our Yelp or Google Business pages - On our Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram) When you place an order, we will ask for the following information: - Full Name - Address - Email - Best Contact Number - Placement of Inflatable Unit (grass or concrete; front or back yard) We will read back your information to make sure we have your order saved correctly and will also fill out an order form. You will receive a copy of the order form to the email address you provided to us. Confirmation Text and Email: All customers that placed an order will receive a text message by the evening before their event to re-confirm and to receive a 2-hr time frame of when we will drop off. If you do not receive a text message by 6pm on the evening before your event, please call or text us. Within 24-hrs of placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your rental. PLEASE NOTE: Asking for a quote or checking availability for a certain date does NOT mean your order has been placed or the items you are interested in have been reserved for you. We do not require a deposit.

When & How to Pay

Please pay in cash when we deliver. We cannot wait for the customer to run to the bank to get cash as we have many more deliveries to do and do not want to make other customers wait longer. Please have the payment ready ahead of time. When we contact you the day before to confirm your order, you will be reminded of this. We may charge a $10 fee to return if payment is not ready. We do not require a deposit when you place an order.

Delivery & Set-Up Information

Our delivery times are: - 7am to12pm Saturday and Sunday. - Friday evening from 6pm to 8pm (we offer Friday evening delivery for some orders for no extra cost) When we call to confirm your reservation the day before your event, we will provide you with a 2-hour time frame of when we will deliver. Exact times are never given as we have no control over traffic, street closures, and weather. Some deliveries will also take longer than others. You may request an earlier or later time slot in our schedule when placing your order. Please have a 4ft wide opening for us to take the jumper to your desired area. Move any cars, trash cans, or other items out of the way so that we can access the area quickly and easily. $20 Cleaning fee if set up location has dirt. We do not set up on dirt. There is a $20 cleaning fee if we have to set up on dirt as our tarps and jumper will become more dirty than usual. We will not set up on rocks/gravel as they can tear the vinyl of the jumper. Have the desired area ready for the jumper to be set-up. Please clean up after any pets, remove toys, debris, etc. Make sure the area does not have any trees/branches or wires that may be in the way. We will set-up in the area you want. If we feel the area is inadequate, we will suggest another spot. We do not wait if you need to cut or remove wires. Our delivery drivers will have to move on to the next order to prevent any delays. We will charge a $10 fee to return. Please follow the check list below to be ready for our delivery. Quick Check List: - Check measurements to make sure the inflatable unit will fit in the yard - Cut or remove any branches and wires that will be in the way. - Clean up any toys or furniture in the desired area - Make sure our delivery drivers have easy access - Clean up after pets so our drivers have no surprises! We will need an adult to sign our rental agreement. In order to make our deliveries as contactless as possible, we will ask you to sign a secure rental agreement through You will receive a direct link to your rental agreement via text when we confirm the reservation with you by the day before your event. If you would like to see a copy of our rental agreement, feel free to email us at

Pick Up Information

Our pick-up hours are: - Saturday Evening: 5pm to 10pm - Sunday Morning: 7am to 12pm - Sunday Evening: 5pm to 9pm Our delivery drivers may be up to an hour late as many customers may request the same pick up time. Please understand that we like to provide good customer service to all our customers. If you need an earlier or later set up or a later pick up time let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please leave the jumper unit inflated at all times until our drivers arrive to pick up. Our drivers need to make sure the jumper was not damaged, need to remove any belongings left inside, and need to properly deflate the jumper. If your event is done early, please call us to let us know and we will be there as soon as we can and do not turn off the jumper. Do not leave the bounce house or any rental items unattended! If you requested a 10pm pick up time and your party is over early or your family is going out for dinner, PLEASE CALL and let us know that everything is ready for pick up. An adult must be present at all times. The customer is liable if they leave any items unattended and are stolen. Customer's Pick-Up Checklist: - Make sure all belongings are not left inside the jumper - Leave the jumper inflated at all times until our drivers arrive to deflate it properly and inspect the jumper. - Event done early? Don't turn off the unit! Call us and let us know!

Special Pricing & More Pricing Info

Visit our Rental Shop Page to view pricing info on specific jumpers. Two-day Rentals: 1st day - full price. 2nd day - half off! (Ex: 13x13 Jumper: $70 Saturday, $30 Sunday. $90 total.) * Water Slide Units cannot be left over-night * Prices shown are for all-day rentals. We do NOT charge by the hour! The price you see is the price you pay. No additional charges or delivery fees! We do have minimums depending on your area. Please contact us for more info. We do not charge delivery fees or over-night fees. To allow our customers enough time to clean up, we will leave our rental items over-night with no additional charges.
(weather permitting & if in backyard) $20 Cleaning fee if set up location has dirt. We do not set up on dirt. There is a $20 cleaning fee if we have to set up on dirt as we would have to clean our tarps in addition to the jumper.

Important Safety Info & Rules to Follow

If there is a problem of any kind during the rental of your jumper unit, please give us a call immediately. Your satisfaction and safety is important to us! An adult must be present and supervising the jumper unit at all times. All jumper units have safety guidelines and rules near its entrance. Please make sure everyone follows the rules: - NO SHOES (they leave scuff marks) - NO CONFETTI, GLITTER, FACEPAINT, OR SILLY STRING - NO FOOD, GUM, DRINKS, OR HARD/SHARP OBJECTS INSIDE - DO NOT USE A WATER HOSE ON NON-WATER JUMPERS! If jumpers are excessively dirty or non-water units are wet, we will charge a $25 cleaning fee. Each jumper takes 45mins-1hr 30mins to clean. They are not easy to clean and following the rules will make our jobs easier. Leave the Jumper turned on at all times. If your event ends early, DO NOT turn off the jumper. Our drivers need to inspect the jumper for cleanliness and any possible damage, remove any belongings, and to properly deflate the jumper. For pick-ups over night: Our drivers will show you how to deflate the jumper. Turn the jumper back on the next morning ASAP for the reasons above. Do not operate jumpers when wind speeds exceed 15mph or in the rain. Turn off the jumper and wait for winds to slow down. We will pick up the jumper if it has begun to rain.

Weather (Wind & Rain) Policy

Fun Jump Express reserves the right to cancel due to bad weather (rain & high winds). During the rainy season, once a Jumper is set up and it starts to rain, we will be back to pick up the Jumper and there will be NO REFUNDS. We will not set up the jumper in 15mph wind speeds. If wind speeds pick up while the jumper is in use, please turn off the motor and deflate the jumper properly. Our delivery drivers will demonstrate the proper way for you. Our jumpers are always connected to sand bags to keep it from blowing away. Wait for wind speeds to slow down before turning the jumper back on. We will not set up the jumper when there is at least a 40% chance of rain during the day. Jumpers should not be used in the rain as they get slippery and children may be injured. Rain also makes it harder to clean our jumpers and can cause cosmetic damage to our jumper and may cause damage to our motors. If it rains during or after we set up the jumper, we will come back to pick up the jumper and there will be no refunds. If you do not want to take the risk, you may cancel your order ahead of time. Even if the rain stops, we still cannot take the jumper as the yard will still be wet. Customers are allowed to cancel their orders but must notify us ASAP or at least the day before. If you forget to cancel and we arrive to deliver, we will request that you pay $15 for gas and for the inconvenience. Please do not wait until the day before to cancel so that another customer can rent the jumper. Please read this article by Jungle Jumps (a supplier and manufacturer of bounce houses) on why a jumper should not be used in the rain:

Electrical Info & More

All of our units only use one motor. The motor must be plugged into its own breaker and plugged in directly (6-outlet power strips are not allowed to be used). Do not use any major appliances, such as washing machines, alongside the motor as it may cause the power to go out or for the motor to not operate properly. Units will be left in proper working condition and driver will ask if you are happy with the set-up before they leave. If a unit malfunctions or does not inflate properly during use, you (customer) must call immediately so we can respond to the problem. We will either fix, replace unit with another or issue refund if we can not fix the problem but we must be notified immediately (during use) otherwise refunds will not be considered. We will not give a refund if we are notified of a problem when we deliver. UNITS ARE NOT TO BE MOVED AFTER SET-UP. No refunds will be issued if unit is moved and then not functioning properly later. Full refunds are not given after 3pm. Partial refunds will be considered up to 6pm after that time refunds will not be more $20.00. Some older homes cannot run some of our larger units very well if other items are plugged in with the jumper so please be mindfull of this. Make sure your home has enough power to operate an inflatable unit. Extension cords will be supplied by our delivery drivers if needed. If you want to use your own, you are more than welcome to; however, it must be a strong, heavy duty extension cord otherwise the motor will not operate correctly or cause power issues. We do not provide generators.

Cleaning Process

We clean all of our products before/after every use. We use wash brushes with soap and Microban All Purpose Cleaner to scrub off all stains and disinfect all rental items. We also vacuum all of our inflatable units. It takes us about an hour to clean a jumper, depending on its size. Please follow all rules and do not leave candy, food, drinks, or use shoes inside the jumper and do not wet non-water jumpers. It makes our jobs much easier! Cleaning jumpers is hard work. When you rent with us, we guarantee that our units will be safe and sanitary for your event. We do not want children to be hurt, have their clothes ruined/become dirty, or become ill because the jumper is not properly maintained. We want our units to be sanitary and look the best for your event! You can view videos of us cleaning our bounce houses on our Instagram page (@FunJumpExpress). Select the "Cleaning" highlight story under our bio. IMPORTANT: Help us keep our jumpers clean so that other customers can enjoy them! Make sure children are not bringing candy or food into the jumper. It is hard to remove and chocolate can leave tough stains. Please do not let any children wear shoes into the jumper. Shoes leave scuff marks that cannot be removed! No pets allowed!! Animals' claws leave scratches on the bounce house that cannot be removed. More rules can be read on the front of the bounce house.

Cancellation Policy

Fun Jump Express reserves the right to cancel due to the safety of children, the security of our rentals items, the safety of our employees/representatives, customers that do not agree to our terms and conditions, or bad weather (see above). We may also pick up jumper during the rental if customer is making unreasonable requests and we fear retaliation in the form of customers damaging our jumper unit or harming our employees/representatives. Customers are allowed to cancel their orders but must notify us ASAP or at least the day before. If you forget to cancel and we arrive to deliver, we will request that you pay $15 for gas and for the inconvenience. We understand that life happens and you have to cancel your order.

COVID-19 Business Changes

Cleanliness: At Fun Jump Express, we always make sure that our inflatable units, tables, chairs, and all of our rental items are clean and sanitary. We want our jumpers and more to be in great shape and look amazing for your event. With us, you know that the items you are renting are well taken care of. Delivery Changes: Our delivery drivers will wear masks and gloves while at your residence. We politely ask that you wear a mask during delivery and pick up or stay 6-ft apart. Our drivers will keep 6-ft away from the customer and others. We are no longer using clipboards and pens for our customer to use to sign the rental agreement. A link to sign our rental agreement through a secure site will be sent to customers. Our delivery drivers are taking necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, such as social distancing and wearing gloves and masks when necessary. Pickup Changes: Please leave inflatable units on so that our drivers can inspect the unit and deflate the unit properly. Please make sure all toys and other belongings are taken out of the unit before our drivers arrive. Gatherings: According to LA county's guidelines to slow the spread of COVID-19, only 50 people can attend a private, outdoor gathering. If all attendees of the gathering are vaccinated, there is not limit on attendance.

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