COVID-19 Business Changes

In order to comply with LA County's guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we have made several changes to our business.

Our deliver drivers have been following social distancing measures and will wear masks and gloves during deliveries and pick ups. We recommend that our customers also wear masks and stay at least 6ft away from our delivery drivers when possible.

Our inflatable units and all rental items are always cleaned and sanitized before and after every use. Prior to COVID-19, we have always cleaned and disinfected our units and this has not changed. We have always wanted to make sure that our units are safe, sanitary, and look great for your reservation. A full cleaning video of a jumper has been posted online to our YouTube channel. You can view it by clicking on the right.

In order to make our deliveries as contactless as possible, our rental agreements and waiver forms are now to be signed online. The day before your reservation, we will send our customers a link to sign our rental agreement online.

LA County also still does not allow any gatherings or parties of any size to take place. You can read their restrictions by clicking here. The restrictions on gatherings is on page nine. To comply with this restrictions, we have a 20 chair limit per reservation. We cannot accept your reservation if you plan on having a large gathering with people from many different households. LA County does allow for car parades and we will be more than happy to help you for your car parade event by providing a canopy, display tables, some chairs, and also inflatable units for your family.

Thanks to everyone for their understanding and we hope everyone stays safe and takes necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

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