Package Deals!

We are offering great package deals to make sure you get the best price!  Your satisfaction is our priority. 

Please ask for the following packages when placing your order:

E-Mail or Text Discount

Receive $5 off when you place your order entirely through e-mail or through text.

Standard Package $100

Express Package $140

(1) 13'x13' Jumper of your choice
(3) Long Tables
(24) White Chairs

(1) 13'x13' Jumper of your choice
(7) Long Tables
(50) White Chairs

Mini-Combo Package $135

(1 ) Any Mini-Combo of your choice
(5) Long tables
(30) White Chairs

Round Table Package $125

(1) 13'x13' Jumper of  your choice
(6) Round Tables
(42) White Chairs

Discount Policies & Restrictions

- Discounts only apply to orders over $75.00 or more.
- One discount per order, on orders between $75.00 and $125.00.
- Two discounts can be used if an order is over $175.00.

- Discounts will not be automatically applied! 
- Please ask for discounts to be applied at the time of reservation or 24 hours before delivery.


Some exceptions will be considered at the discretion of our representatives.

Package Deals Policies & Restrictions

- Tables and chairs can be swapped out for kids tables & chairs.

- Any additional changes will be made at regular price.

- Discounts cannot be combined with package deals. 

- Please ask for a package when placing your order; otherwise, the package deal will not be applied. 

- Package Pricing includes WHITE CHAIRS ONLY, which are 75 cents each. To receive one of these deals with 50 cent beige chairs, please contact us.