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Thank you!

Since 2004, Fun Jump Express has been delivering to parties in Norwalk and the surrounding areas.

Starting February 2023, we are no longer renting any jumpers or water slides.

If you are our neighbor in the immediate area of Kenney St, Fairford Ave, and Bayla St, small orders of tables and chairs are still available.

The Full Story

Fun Jump Express Party Rentals was established in 2004 as a family-owned and operated business. Two twin brothers, both named Isabel, started the business with the help of other family members and purchased their first few jumpers. By 2012, our selection of inflatable units exceeded 30, including standard jumpers, water slides, combo units, and more. Unfortunately in 2013, over 20 of those units were stolen from our facility and had restart our business to get it to the point that it was prior. 

From 2013 to 2020, the business entered a rebuiling phase with only one twin brother continuing on with the business. In 2020, we were able to keep our running through the pandemic. 

For nearly 20 years, we have delivered to thousands of parties and family gatherings. We appreciate everyone that has rented from us and hope we made your events special.

Thank you to everyone that has done business with us and helped get our business running, including

- Mejia Manufacturero Party Supply in Bell Gardens for selling us our first jumpers,

- Gabino's Jumpers Wholesale, JingoJump, Dolphin's Jumpers/, Jump Orange, Jungle Jump, La Cieba/OMG Jump Inc, Mario's Jumpers, and more for selling us with inflatable units, tables, chairs and more,

- Friends and family who helped us start our business, worked for us, and recommended people to us

Contact us:

For neighbors needing tables and chairs, please contact us at:

You can also contact David's personal number if you have that, ending in -5151.

This website and our business phone (562) 392-6500 will be open until June 2023, however, we may not respond to calls/texts to that number. There will be an automatic voicemail notifying that we are closed.

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